Year: 2023
Client: Fedrigoni

Scope: print design & illustration

Printer: Drukkerij Dirix
Format: 150×210mm



Every month, paper manufacturer Fedrigoni invites a designer to collaborate with a printer to create an A5 card using their range of papers. The series is called ‘Another Month Another Paper’ and is sent out to a big mailing list.

We made the AMAP of September 2023. It became an A5 booklet with six Fedrigoni papers from different ranges: some textured, others smooth, some with recycled content, some with virgin pulp. Each one represents a natural resource that can be used or reused to create new recources, materials or products (such as paper). This concept is to create awareness around the ‘reduce — reuse — recycle’ mindset.

We made six illustrations, one for each paper/resource, and worked with Drukkerij Dirix for the embossing, printing and binding.

The questions we asked ourselves during the design process were: how can we create an AMAP that not only shows off these beautiful papers, but can also make you think about what they are made of, what they could be made of instead? And also, can the AMAP have a secondary purpose?

To this end, there is a perforation line in each paper, where you can tear off one side to use as a postcard. The bundle of shorter pages (bound with bookbinder’s cloth) that are left create a cute A6 booklet that can still be used as the paper inspiration it’s intended to be.

Snail mail FTW! Send us an email if you’d like to receive this AMAP.

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