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We are Sarah & Mathieu, a graphic design duo passionate about sustainable, tactile and content-driven book design. Whether you’re a publisher, self-publisher, artist, architect, photographer or design agency, we’re here to help you make the best of a printed or online publication. We spend our days in our own sustainable concept store & coworking space Howdy.

doublebill.design is specialised in book design, but we also have a deep love for film and (alternative) film posters. Our name comes from the cinematic ‘double bill’: an evening where two complementary and equally-important films are shown in a row. It refers to our collaboration as a team: we are stronger together!

Our expertise mainly lies in non-fiction publications, particularly subjects with a high density of both text and imagery: architecture, art, nature and gardening, history, cooking, lifestyle, travel…

We approach projects holistically by providing overarching guidance from the conceptual and research phase, over content curation and editing, to design and production. 

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‘The content makes the design – we don’t impose a design on the content, the content tells us what it wants to look like.’ – Astrid Stavro

Sarah Schrauwen studied Literature & Linguistics at the University of Antwerp before moving to London to study graphic design. She learned the ropes as editor and designer at the independent publisher Unit Editions. In 2014, after 3.5 years in London, she moved back to Antwerp to start her own studio specialising in book design and editing. Her hobbies include (vegetable) gardening, vegan cooking and running.

Mathieu Vancamp studied Journalism, but ended up in a logistics job after his studies. Five years later he decided to follow an extensive evening course in graphic design. Since April 2020 he has been self-employed and mainly focuses on designing publications, posters and personal work. His hobbies include going to the movies, biking and researching sustainability across various disciplines.

We met in 2017 (thanks Tinder ♡) and hit it off right away. Our design collaboration started about a year later in the form of our ongoing alternative film poster project Double Bill Posters. This slowly grew into Mathieu helping Sarah out during busy summers, into working on projects together, until we decided to take our relationship to the next level and form doublebill.design in 2021. And then we got married in 2022!

We are very mindful of sustainability. We live consciously by having a small home, consuming and wasting little, buying second hand, renovating in an environmentally-friendly way, eating vegan, growing our own vegetables, shopping local and seasonal, etc. The prints in our shop are designed and produced in Belgium with love for our environment. We also renovated and founded our very own sustainable concept store & coworking space Howdy in 2023.

Sarah’s most nostalgic views

︎︎︎ On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
︎︎︎ The Terminator 2
︎︎︎ The Temple of Doom
︎︎︎ The Matrix
︎︎︎ The Fifth Element

Mathieu’s best-rated films

︎︎︎ The Fountain
︎︎︎ Apocalypse Now
︎︎︎ The New World
︎︎︎ Irreversible
︎︎︎ Koyaanisqatsi

Our on-repeat soundtracks

︎︎︎ Blade Runner 2049
︎︎︎ Tron: Legacy
︎︎︎ Oblivion
︎︎︎ Only Lovers Left Alive
︎︎︎ Koyaanisqatsi

Our favourite bookshops

︎︎︎ Copyright Bookshop
︎︎︎ Cronopio
︎︎︎ ’t Stad Leest
︎︎︎ Grim
︎︎︎ Saint-Martin Bookshop

Sarah Schrauwen
Co-founder & graphic designer



Expert Class Book Design
Plantin Institute for Typography

Postgraduate Diploma Design for Visual Communication
London College of Communication

Master in Computational Psycholinguistics
University of Antwerp

Bachelor in Literature and Linguistics
University of Antwerp


Apr 2023—current
Co-founder & studio manager
Howdy concept store & coworking

Jul 2021—current
Co-founder & graphic designer

May 2014—current
Book designer & editor
Studio Sarah Schrauwen

Apr 2012—Apr 2014
Editorial coordinator, editor & book designer 
Unit Editions

Jan—Mar 2012
Graphic designer (internship)
Studio8 Design

Dec 2011
Graphic designer (internship)
onoffice magazine

Oct—Dec 2010
Research assistant
University of Antwerp

Chief designer & managing editor
Student magazine dwars (University of Antwerp)

Mathieu Vancamp
Co-founder & graphic designer



Graphic design

Bachelor in Journalism
Plantijn Hogeschool

Bachelor in Literature and Linguistics
University of Antwerp


Apr 2023—current
Co-founder & studio manager
Howdy concept store & coworking

Jul 2021—current
Co-founder & graphic designer

Jul 2019—current
Graphic designer
Studio Mathieu Vancamp

Jan—Jun 2019
Account manager

Sep 2013—Dec 2018
Equipment coordinator
COSCO Shipping Lines

Jun 2012
Video journalist

Apr—Jun 2012
Video journalist (internship)

Mar—Apr 2012
Video journalist (internship)
C.H.I.P.S. Stamp Media

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