Double Bill Posters
Our collaboration as a graphic design couple started off with this self-initiated alternative film poster project in November 2018! In the beginning the project was a weekly type and form experiment where we picked one film every week and each designed an individual alternative poster using a set of restrictions: we could spend only one hour on the concept and execution, use only type and/or illustration and no more than three colours. In the second year, we chose one film genre each month and made an alternative film poster (together!) for two movies within that genre. In 2021 we focussed on notable film directors from around the world. Every two weeks we picked two films from one director and we started experimenting more with hands-on techniques. The posters became more of a set, working together to reflect the style of the director. Well into our fourth year now, we are experimenting with digital drawing on our iPad with Procreate. Our starting point is picking a different theme every fortnight.

See all of the 200+ alternative posters on our @doublebillposters Instagram account or click the links below for an overview per year.

We made these into physical prints that are for sale in our webshop. Go check it out! ︎

Two films within one theme every fortnight

Two films from one director every fortnight

Two films within one genre every month

One film by two designers every week

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