We are a graphic design studio specialised in book design, based in Antwerp, Belgium. You can read more about who we are and what we do here.

What can we help you with?

︎︎︎ Are you a publisher that needs an experienced book designer with an affinity for detail, minimalism and sustainability? That’s us! We have 10 years of experience with all kinds of books, mainly non-fiction (architecture, art, cooking, history, photography, travel, lifestyle, …).

︎︎︎ Are you an individual or a company with a great story to tell and a desire to self-publish a book or other type of publication? We can help you with design, proofreading, editing and/or print management – preferably the whole lot! Our expertise mainly lies with non-fiction, but we love working on fiction titles as well.

︎︎︎ Are you a film aficionado and/or design lover like us? Do you have some space on your walls at home, in your office or in your shop? Check out our sustainably-printed alternative film poster prints in our shop. We also have a physical concept store that you can visit: Howdy.

︎︎︎ Are you a creative looking for a sustainable and fun place to work? We recently renovated and founded Howdy, a sustainable concept store and coworking space – a mere 2-minute walk from the Antwerp Berchem train station. And we’re still looking for creative company! More details via Howdy.

︎︎︎ Are you looking for two shy yet passionate speakers for a lecture about book design, self-initiated projects and/or sustainability? We like exchanging information and sharing whatever knowledge we have, hoping to inspire others.

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Howdy is our office, concept store & coworking space, located near Antwerp Berchem train station.

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