Year: 2024
Publisher: Humbug vzw

Scope: magazine design

Printer: Zwart op Wit
Format: 201×257mm
Pages: 86



We have been fans of the Flemish film magazine Humbug since their beginning in 2021, so we were honoured to design their latest – but sadly last – printed magazine. This tenth issue is devoted to the stellar actress Tilda Swinton. There are in-depth articles about her chameleon-like movie appearances, the diversity that is her career and even an exclusive interview with Tilda herself! 

We worked on the basis of Emma Geets’ original design and the amazing illustrations by Studio Knets, Amber Gyselings, Lisa de Vriese, Jeroen Los, Kaat Mondelaers, Robin Maenhout, Ellen Vanhoutte & Jan Willemse to create an issue that fits within the series but still has its own look. And we had fun playing around with shapes. 

It’s heartbreaking that the hardworking team behind Humbug has to let go of their ambitions, but let’s celebrate the amazing job they did with the ten printed issues and will keep on doing with their website: reviewing films old and new, obscure and famous – in their own, profound, yet light-footed voice.

Let’s also prove that print is still alive and kicking! Go buy one or more of the Humbug issues via

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