Year: 2023
Publisher: Luster
Author: Stella Van Hofstraeten
Scope: book design
Printer: Graphius
Format: 240×170mm
Pages: 248



Rivierenhof celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2023, making it the oldest provincial domain in Belgium. It’s also the biggest park in our lovely city of Antwerp! For this special occasion we were asked to design the cover and interior of a book that captures a century of park history.

Our challenge was to put the puzzle pieces together: from archive materials and old maps to contemporary photography. The book provides an extensive overview of the events and the people that made the park what it is today, combining archival and contemporary photography, historical facts, anecdotes and vox pops.

Copyright © 2014–24 (Sarah Schrauwen & Mathieu Vancamp).
All rights reserved.