Year: 2022
Publisher: Public Space
Author: VIBE vzw & Bond Beter Leefmilieu
Scope: book design
Printer: Die Keure
Format: 240×170mm
Pages: 240

︎︎︎ Sustainability as a mindset


Stedenbouw kan ook zo: Toekomstbestendige stedenbouw en ruimtelijke planning
is a new book featuring 57 projects that offer an alternative and future-proof approach to urban planning. Though the future holds many challenges – climate change, loss of biodiversity and spacial disorder – there are promising solutions. Each project takes a solid step towards a regenerative city: an urban development that maintains a restorative and mutually beneficial relationship with its surroundings, while aiming to restore, renew or revitalise its resources. Why wait until 2050 to take action when we can already make a positive impact today!

This crowdfunded book was co-created by civil society organisations (VIBE vzw, Bond Beter Leefmilieu, ABBLO, VRP, KU Leuven and Samenhuizen), authors, experts, engineering offices and municipalities.

Sustainability is an important aspect for us, and especially so in a project like this, so we went with a space-efficient design by laying out the subchapters continuously and avoiding unnecessarily blank pages. The PMS colour was used to separate the main texts from the projects. We avoided bleeding images off the pages in order to have as little printed paper waste as possible (this requires less energy to recycle).

You can read more about our sustainable approach to this book in our case study ‘Sustainability as a mindset’.

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