Year: 2017–ongoing
Publisher: Luster
Scope: graphic management & map design
Format: 120×180mm
Pages: 240–280



The 500 Hidden Secrets are a series of city guides by Belgian publishing house Luster, in which ‘locals tell you where to go in the cities you love’. They summarise the best places to visit in their city in 100 lists of five addresses or facts, relating to food and drink, accommodation, shopping and culture.

The library currently consists of 35 Hidden Secrets city guides, six Hidden guides (concerning a larger area, such as Hidden Belgium or Hidden England) and three Hidden Thematic guides (linking an area to a theme, for example Nostalgic London). Each guide is updated regularly.

We provide the graphic management for the series: we design new titles, create stylised city or area maps based on OpenStreetMaps and update all of the existing guides. The original series design is by our colleague Joke Gossé.

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