Year: 2017
Author: Dorien Knockaert
Photographer: Ivan Put
Publisher: Luster
Scope: book design
Format: 260×200mm
Pages: 256



This sold-out cookbook by culinary journalist Dorien Knockaert is her ode to everyday cooking: making simple and vegetarian meals with leftovers, little time and flexibility. It’s one of our favourite cookbooks at home!

The chapters are devoted to soups, rice dishes, eggs, noodles, oven roasts, beans, flatbread, salads, onions and fruit. They’re packed with suggestions for adapting the recipes to the season, your mood or whatever you have left at home, and include many extensive tips (‘secret weapons’) to help you master basic preparations.

Soft colours are used throughout the book to make a distinction between the types of content (recipes vs. tips) and between the chapters. 

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